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Rental Testimonials

At Orec America, we love working with our rental partners. The following testimonials show our continual commitment to always delivering quality engineering and superior customer service.

Hardware Sales- Bellingham, WA

We actually switched to Orec, because of their customer service. They’re always willing to come in and turn wrenches with us. If we get stumped on a machine, they’ll come in, they’ll show us about it, and show us how to do the repairs. The customer service is amazing. Partnering with Orec has been a great return on investment for us.


Pilchuck Rentals, Marysville, WA 

Now with the Brush Rover, that’s a solution we’ve been looking for, for years. In the past, we’ve gotten many calls for a riding mower. We’ve never been able to offer anything for our customers, because they won’t hold up to really tall grass and then brush. We’ve always looked for a solution, and with the Brush Rover, we’ve found that solution. If a customer has a riding mower that’s broken down and their grass has gotten away from them they can actually jump on the Brush Rover and go through it without any problems, because it’s built for tall grass, it will do 6’ grass with no problem.





Millers Rent All - Edmonds, WA 

When the Orec products come back from rental customers, they’ve always talked about how easy it is to use, and actually how fast the job got done. As the rental manager, I work on everything, from aerial lifts to sanders, and I’m going out to a service call on a stump-grinder, and I got like eight employees I’ve got to take care of, and I don’ t need to worry about everything, and that’s what I like about Orec. I know that customer is going to have a great successful, rental and he’s going to come back happy. That’s what as a rental guy, as a mechanic that’s what I like hearing.


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